Wednesday, December 22, 2010


first of all . wake up . then tgu kaka effa amek umah .then g ts jalan-jalan makn angin . tgk movie (AKU MASIH DARA ) 
lepas tu mkn kat pelita . suma muka stok lapaq tp aku tak mkn , sbb tadak duet ! AHHAAHA . mkn waffel kak anies blanja jaa . hahaha
hemm . pastu kami pi lake PHOTOSHOOT bebeyh . hahaha . 
ermm . then kami pi tugu shoot lg . tuh dia hasilnyaa kat atas . HAHAHA . mekacih kak anies :)
lastlyy kami pi lepak kat satay ngan kaka anies , kaka niecak , wahidaa && wann .,hahaha . mkn mkn mkn pastu balek . HAHAAH . it was fun . thanks you all . leffiyou . muahh aww . haha <3

Friday, December 10, 2010


take a deep breath
i love you from the bottom of my heart .
it's hard to forget ,
i'm tired .
being all alone :')
moon and stars as a witness and friend of my life .

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

with an open heart

HAHAHA . act i dont really know where am i going to start .
hemm ohhh dearr God . swear to u that im alone . im in the middle of no where mybe !
i have no one else . the boy ?
haha yeahh rite . he leaved me . without sayingg 'bye' . 'coco ,tc agood care ov ur self and ur fmily' .
hemm but  ,he just leave me hanging ! :'(
that is the boy that i've known !
he make me fall in <3 wit him , but now , he is with other peo .
he's making fun ov me .
he's promises is just too sweet till i've been cheated .
it's a lie !!!
thanks dearr . you make my day worse !
hahaha . i don't hate peo .
especially to those who have loved me . thank you <3
jason ckp : aku nmpak dye dgn awek mne tah . bkn main agy . mcm babi btol !
yess . i hve a proovve now tht he played over me !
hey. get off ! im not ur doll ! stop saying sweet things !
aku muak !!
am i mad ?
ohhh certainly not.

hahaha . i don't hate peo .
especially to those who have loved me . thank you <3

orgg slalu ckp ,walau seteruk mne orgg buat jhat ngan kite , jgn balas !
biar Tuhan y balas smua prbuatan dye .
itu kerja Tuhan . bkan kerje kite sbgai mnusia .
hermm tu lahh laki . dont trust over them . they'll keep on playing  fool with us !

babyy what if

lyin' next to you .
wishing I could disappear .
let you fall asleep .
and vanish out into thin air .

it's the elephant in the room
n i pretend that i  don't see it .
it's the avalanche that looms above my head .
and i just don't believe it.

tryin' to be perfect .
tryin' not to let you down .
honesty is honestly the hardest thing for me right now .
while the floors underneath our feet are crumbling .
the walls we built together tumblin' .
i still stand here holdin' up the roof .
cause it's easier than telling the truth .

i still keep your photographs ..
i remember how we used to laugh ..
it's just great .i can keep on losin' sleep ..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ABAH .ouhh

ABAH . i know it is hard to become head of the family .
i know it is hard for you to devide your tme between ur familyy and ur workk .
work is important .
but abah , you should think abt ur self too .
abah kne jage ksihatan abah jgak :'(
ubat jgn lupe tu .shhhidah tgk bnyk sgtt ubat atas meje tu .
abah mkn sume ubat tu ?
pape lahh . jnji abah sehad kann abah kan ehhehe. :)

abah ske mara kn kn ?tp ape yg abah ckp tu sume btol .
sume nyee kebaikan . bodohlah seorang anak klau tanak denga ckp .
bodohlah seorang anak tu tanak denga ckp org tua .
mak ayah dahh bela pun ta reti reti na bsyukur !
nak lg tengking2 . bila mak ayh ckp denga arr ! jgn buat bangang !
kang jd bangang btol btol kang tak pasal plak nak bela si bangang y bajed ta bangang ni !haihh .
try to be a goodd  children to ourr parentss . yes i know setan kat sebelah ni bnyak !
kiri kanan hahh . tak ckup atas bwah pun ada . haha. but try to not let them down .
tryy to make em' hppy eventhough u mke a veryy small thng .
;D i love you abah

 me .you . she . he .them . ouhh <3

tears keep on flowing all over my face

yeahh . i  keep on making the tears .nobody seems to know it unless my dearr friends .
HAHAHA . stop it laa coco . it is just a waste :'(
karang na bukak posa !!
kang tak pasal kang pose kau tu terbatal .
hallamak !
bebal laa kau ni coco . sakit ati aku lahh ! eghhhh

i like when i say : stop crying coco . such a stupid girl :') bhahaha


i trusted you .
on the first day we 've chat , i began to like you .
i hve a boyf but it seems didn't really worked out .
hemm .
when i broke up with him .
my life began to change .
i saw you .
i saw you with a beautiful smile .
i hear ur lovely voice .
and the most thing that i like is ur laughter ..
you really make my day shine .
on december 24 ,
we started our relationship ,
but it did not last long . i know with whom you and i know who you love .
i noticed that you want to stay away from me .
but a few days later he text me .
BLAH BLAH BLAH . phm phm je laa . tanak ckp
malas na cite kn kn . HAHAHA . hermm
YOU  again :

i know you are just pretending to love and care about me
and it's easier to telling the truth kan .
i just can't stop thinking about you .
eventhough you didn't really make me hapy at that time kan .
busy doing your stuff .
but i'm still pretending to be happy ,
pretending to smile .
pretending that i don't see it .
and i still standing eventhough it is hard .
u really make my day shine bebs .
thank you lahh naa . haha
we've been together fo a week and 6 days .
kejap sgtsgtsgt , tp dahh rse syangg sgt . hemm
tpi kan awak ,
that is just perfect for me .
yess . perfectooo ! bhahaha
after you leave me :')
my day is not that bright as i'm with you .
i hope i can stand alone , by myself .without you . :')
THANK YOU MY DEARR . thank you for being here wif me <3