Tuesday, December 7, 2010


i trusted you .
on the first day we 've chat , i began to like you .
i hve a boyf but it seems didn't really worked out .
hemm .
when i broke up with him .
my life began to change .
i saw you .
i saw you with a beautiful smile .
i hear ur lovely voice .
and the most thing that i like is ur laughter ..
you really make my day shine .
on december 24 ,
we started our relationship ,
but it did not last long . i know with whom you and i know who you love .
i noticed that you want to stay away from me .
but a few days later he text me .
BLAH BLAH BLAH . phm phm je laa . tanak ckp
malas na cite kn kn . HAHAHA . hermm
YOU  again :

i know you are just pretending to love and care about me
and it's easier to telling the truth kan .
i just can't stop thinking about you .
eventhough you didn't really make me hapy at that time kan .
busy doing your stuff .
but i'm still pretending to be happy ,
pretending to smile .
pretending that i don't see it .
and i still standing eventhough it is hard .
u really make my day shine bebs .
thank you lahh naa . haha
we've been together fo a week and 6 days .
kejap sgtsgtsgt , tp dahh rse syangg sgt . hemm
tpi kan awak ,
that is just perfect for me .
yess . perfectooo ! bhahaha
after you leave me :')
my day is not that bright as i'm with you .
i hope i can stand alone , by myself .without you . :')
THANK YOU MY DEARR . thank you for being here wif me <3

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